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Norton Norris

NN - Admissions Evaluator

Austin, Texas
Work Type: Part Time
Norton Norris, a division of Reality Based Group, is seeking part-time, project-based Admissions Evaluators. 

Norton Norris works with a wide range of colleges and universities, inquiring about programs ranging from certificates and diplomas to doctorate degrees and everything in between! As an Admissions Evaluator, you will pose as a prospective student for a specific school and meet with an admissions representative. 

We provide you with clear step by step instructions to complete the assessment. After your assessment, you will fill out a report that will be passed to our client to improve their admissions process. 
Pay per assignment ranges from $100-$150. 

To learn more about Norton Norris, check out our website at www.NortonNorris.com. 

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